Waystation is a private, state of the art, 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos equipped studio that also features vintage analog gear and instruments. It is a space built to promote creativity and inspiration. A full gear list can be provided upon request but the basics are:Avid S4, Mac Pro 2019, Protools Ultimate, Focusrite converters with Dante, Monitors by KRK, Proac, Tannoy, Yamaha, Sonus Faber and more, Microphones by Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Beyer, Shure, Coles, Monheim, Vanguard and more. Collection of vintage guitars, basses, drums, amps and keyboard as well as a wide assortment of vintage outboard mic pres, compressors, eq's, reverbs, etc.

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Neumanns bw